Affordable New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

Who doesn’t like a dip in a nice, cool pool on a hot summer day? Swimming pools are popular, but before you decide to install one, take a hard look at how it might impact your New Jersey homeowners insurance from  When carriers conduct a risk assessment to set your premium rate, how much will it increase for the potential liability of a swimming pool?  Is it acceptable to you?


The same is true with back yard trampolines, which cause almost 100,000 hospital visits a year. Are you willing to take the risk?


Other factors affect your risk profile, as well. How are meteorological conditions in your area? Is your city apt to get hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms or floods? If you live in a high-risk area, expect to pay more for coverage, and also expect that some events, such as floods and earthquakes, require additional coverage beyond your standard policy.


Homeowners insurance discounts

To keep your premium affordable, start by looking at the kinds of discounts you might qualify for. Do you have a monitored home security system up and running in your home? You’ll find discounts for that.


Have you combined all your coverage under one carrier to take advantage of multi-policy discounts? Check into the savings.  Have you weatherproofed your home and does what you have done qualify you for a discount? It is worth looking into. What about a new, impact-resistant roof and new plumbing?  Have you put in new wiring? They might also save you money on premiums.


Have you claimed a discount for being a non-smoker? How about a discount for living in a gated community?  Have you been claim-free? You will get a discount for that. If you have bought a new home, you may find lower rates, too.  There is even a mature insured discount for retirees over age 55.


Necessary homeowners insurance

Do not consider opting for less coverage4 as a way to save money. It is impossible to predict when you might be the victim of fire, theft or a bad weather event and suffer a catastrophic loss. You do not want to be caught without enough insurance should that occur.


The value of comparing various carriers is that each one offers a slightly different discount structure and rates that can vary significantly for the same coverage. If you get one rate that seems too high, the next might be much lower. Comparisons are vitally important to getting affordable coverage.





Tips for getting Arizona Homeowners Insurance

The first thing you need to do before looking for Arizona homeowners insurance from someone like is to make a household inventory of all of the valuable contents, including jewelry and collectibles, anything of value. It’s important to make sure you understand what you need to protect by your coverage and also to know that some of your valuable belongings will not be covered by your standard policy and will require an additional schedule.


Also think through what you have done to make your home more secure. Do you have a monitored home security system? Do you live in a gated community? What have you done to reduce the risk of theft?


If you have made any home improvements, make a list. Do you have a new impact-resistant roof? Have you installed new plumbing? Has an electrician rewired your home? Many improvements will qualify you for discounts and you will want to claim them all.


Lower your homeowners insurance premium.

Do you have a good credit rating and a good claim history? Both of these reduce your risk and will have positive impacts on your rate. The same is true if you are a non-smoker.


You are now ready to begin your online comparisons. Remember, too, that if you bundle all of your coverage under one company you will almost always qualify for a multiple policy discount. The same is true if you have been with a carrier for a long time, because there are longevity or customer loyalty discounts. In fact, there can be so many discounts that many consumers find their premiums reduced significantly just by applying them.


Don’t skimp on homeowners insurance coverage

One thing you should not do to save money is skimp on coverage. Policies are for your protection and if you have to call on it and find that you have, for example, allowed your home replacement value to be set too low, you will regret it.


If you do not agree with the home replacement value your carrier’s adjuster sets you can engage your own contractors to give estimates and present those to your carrier for consideration.


Perhaps you own a condominium. It is important to know that you are only responsible for insuring the contents and any improvements. The structure is covered by your association’s master policy. Become familiar with it so you are certain of sufficient coverage if the worst should happen.

How your dog can affect home insurance

There’s a great love for some of the big, intimidating looking dog breeds to scare off burglars and others who are up to not good. They aren’t exactly guard dogs, they are family pets with additional benefits. If you love large dogs with that look, you probably have had or now have one of these breeds:




Presa canario

Pit Bull

Great Dane



German Shepherd




What they have in common is that they’re hard to insure against dog bites as you will find out when you look for New York home insurance quotes.  If one of these furry critters is a member of your family, you may have a difficult time getting a policy written that will cover you if they happen to bite someone.


Why these dogs in particular? They are considered at high risk for dog bites because their owners submit dog bite claims more often than owners of other dogs. There may be other dogs considered poor risk, as well, as it is up to the individual company writing the policy and setting the premium.


A dog bite can be an expensive claim to pay, involving medical expenses and sometimes hospitalization or even damages from a lawsuit. So it is a purely business decision on the part of insurers to not cover dog bites from this dogs, or to charge a higher premium to owners of these breeds.


It isn’t at all personal. The facts are in actuarial tables used to calculate policies and make business decisions.  It’s hard to blame a company for wanting to do what it can to stay solvent, but it is also hard to consider not having coverage for dog bites.


Sometimes a company will decide not to insure for bites from these breeds at all, while other times they will charge a higher premium. A few companies require that the dogs be trained formally or even muzzled when out in the public or in front of guests.


If you love the breed and think you can escape these problems by adopting a mixed breed, be forewarned that the same issues apply.   It is clear that consumers need to consider how they want to handle this before they get a policy and not after the dog bites and a claim is being prepared.



Statistics Tell the Tale

Driving can be dangerous. That’s the reason for insurance—and those rates you might think are high are based on statistics and research.


Motor vehicles have been around a very long time. So long, that they have been researched every which way, from how they are driven to accidents and injuries.  Here is one example. A person will lose their life in a car accident every dozen minutes. That is how pervasive accidents are.  Someone is injured in an accident every 14 seconds. Think of that.  Vehicle accidents rank as the ninth leading cause of death, but they are climbing every year.


Since driving is such a risky business, it is of vital importance to carry enough coverage in the event of an accident.  But when you look around to get Illinois car insurance quotes, you’ll find that getting the best deal is easier than you might think.


It is also important to use seatbelts. While usage has increased in recent years, there are still people who don’t click it when they get in the car. Make it a habit—it could save your life or that of a passenger. Seatbelts can cut the risk of dying in an accident by more than 60 percent.


If you have a baby or young child, be sure to use child safety seats and restraints. In states where they are required, the risk of death to children is reduced by 35 percent. That’s a significant statistic.


Speeding is super common. In fact, it was 1904 when the first speeding ticket was given out. The driver was going 12 miles per hour.  Speeding-and taking curves too quickly—can cause rollovers, which are the most lethal type of accident.


It is true that most accidents occur close to home and that includes in school zones. School kids are at most risk on school days in the hour between 3pm and 4pm. Drivers are not always aware of school zones and the lowered speed limits in them, despite extensive signage and crossing cards.


Today, driving while distracted is a big problem and the cause of many accidents. Most of us have heard the terrible stories of teens being killed in accidents while texting, but that is not the only distraction. Children, pets, even flying insects can distract a driver enough to cause an accident.  And not just in the U.S.  Vehicle accidents are one of the biggest reasons U.S. citizens die while overseas. That is a sobering statistic.